Black & White Self Portraits





I haven't taken a self portrait since I started my 365-day project (which, btw, ended up being a big fail). So when I saw some fake lashes I bought yesterday at Target (which were intended to be used on one of my sisters) and heard little screams from my camera saying "use me, use me!", I knew what I had to do. Btw, I'm totally kidding about hearing my camera talk. I love black and white photography so I decided to convert all these photos I took of myself into black & white. I like the way they turned out (and no, I'm not into myself- lol.. just having a little fun). I'd like to one day shoot an entire session in black and white and/or edit an entire session in black and white. Whatever works.

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! Gotta get back to cleaning :)

Equipment used: Canon 7D + 35mm f/2.0 (all shot at 2.0)
No flash used, just the pretty natural light.

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