Friday, May 16, 2014

I decided to shake things up this trip by taking my film camera rather than my pro camera. I brought our little point and shoot as a back-up but I ended up not even using that camera at all. A couple years ago, the mister bought me a film camera because, well, I just wanted to have a film camera. I haven't used it all that much mainly because of that fact that I have to go get the film developed and with two little ones, it isn't always easy to just pack up and go somewhere. But I decided to take it with me to Maui and to see if I could take some pretty pictures. 

To be honest, I was really nervous. I shot 3 rolls of film (see below), which came out to about 90+ images. I had to be selective in taking photos because I didn't want to waste a frame. It's funny because with a digital camera, you just shoot away. But with a film camera, you only have "x" amount of exposures in a roll. I noticed that I had taken a multiple photos of a couple places we stopped and was a little upset that I had wasted those extra frames!

Anyway, I'm a total newbie when it comes to film photography who really has no idea what she's doing (not 100% at least). It was really fun to see how my photos turned out. I did have to brighten them up just a little bit + remove the dark vignette that was around the photos (which, btw, I have to look into why that happened). But overall, I think they turned out great! It really taught me to focus on what I wanted to take a picture of and to be selective in what I photographed. I'm looking forward to using this camera more often!

See the first set of photos taken with my cell phone HERE.

Camera: Canon EOS 3
Lens: Canon 35mm f/2.0

our resort

The Gazebo - best breakfast on planet earth

napili bay

lower puohokamoa falls

warning sign before going down to the nakalele blowhole

nakalele blowhole - not much action this time around
honuloa bay - a snorkeling spot 
banyan tree - this is all from ONE tree!

front street

our ride

iao needle

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