When your best isn't the best... for some.

Southern California Wedding Photographer | Damaris Mia PhotographyIn addition to being a wedding photographer, I am also a wedding blog editor for the popular Southern California Bride blog. I go through a lot of submissions monthly and reject a lot of them because I like to feature fresh, new, and beautiful content to my readers. I haven't had that sense of being on the other side of things for over 5 years and with this recent shoot I did, I finally felt (again) what it's like to be rejected.

It sucks big time. 

It's no fun being told that "your work isn't quite what they're looking for" or they were expecting more "unexpected details" or they simply reject you without even giving a reason as to why (guilty of these three responses myself). When you're already in a rut and doubting yourself -- wondering if you are good enough despite the encouragement and praises you get from friends, family, and clients -- getting rejected makes it a little worse. I remember just being really bummed when the shoot I felt was one of my best ever got rejected not once, but twice within a couple of days.

After chatting with a good friend of mine, Heather of The Editor's Touch, (and after much thought), I found a home for my shoot -- on Southern California Bride, my wedding blog. It's going to be featured tomorrow and I cannot wait to share all of my favorites from this shoot -- it truly is one of my favorite shoots I've ever participated in and I'm really proud of how everything turned out. Stay tuned!

But in the meantime... dealing with rejection sucks but from what I've learned, it's not the end of the road. There are so many options out there -- people who will appreciate and be excited to share your work. It's not always the biggest or most well-known blogs... you just have to look and find the right one. But don't give up. ever.

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