The reason why my heart is so full right now

The last full styled wedding shoot I did happened over 5 years ago so I was pretty nervous going into this shoot that happened last night. I don't know why but up until this shoot, I've been really tough on myself when judging my photo taking skills. At times, I feel stuck and like I just cannot get it right. The images turn out great but I always feel like I could do better and even better. So with last night's shoot, I just felt an immense amount of pressure riding on my back because I was working with over 15 wedding professionals from Southern California and I just couldn't screw up. I had to do my best to photograph what they contributed to the shoot in the best way possible and being that it's been over 5 years since I did my last big shoot as a photographer, I was simply nervous. 

But here is the thing when you work with such amazing wedding pros who are so good at what they do -- who go above and beyond what they're supposed to do -- just so they can help bring your vision to life... it's amazing. 

My heart is so full right now because the whole shoot felt like a dream. All the vendors who contributed to the shoot were just so wonderful and did an amazing job. I got to meet and make new friends and become even closer with vendors I already knew. I got to meet a truly wonderful couple who drove from Arizona just to participate in this shoot -- like, WOW! And they were so incredibly sweet. This shoot went above and beyond what I had envisioned. Looking through the images I took, I'm just so proud. Proud of myself and proud of my team. Without them, this shoot wouldn't have turned out the way it did and I am so thankful for each and every one of their contribution to this shoot. I can't wait to be able to share the images!!

Until then, here is a sneak peek :)

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