Doubts + Fears + Goals

It's scary jumping back into something you've been gone from for so long. Doubts and fears start to seep in and you begin to question whether or not this idea of restarting your business was a good idea at all. It's scary for sure. I'm good at what I do and I know that and my friends and family do a fantastic job at reminding me but sometimes it feels as though sometimes it's just not enough to hear that. Isn't that crazy? It's insane, for sure. So with the mid-year coming, I've decided to set myself some goals for the remainder of the year. Why? Well, I hope that with setting myself these goals and striving to achieve them, I would feel a sense of accomplishment and in the end feel better about not shooting since getting pregnant with twins. So here we go:
  1. Second shoot 3 weddings between July-December.
  2. Photograph 3 couples.
  3. Photograph 2 big styled shoots.
  4. Do 2 styled bridal shoots. 
  5. Blog at least 2 times a week.
  6. Re-do my website.
  7. Connect with other wedding professionals.
  8. Buy the 5D Mark III.
  9. Buy the Canon 50mm 1.2
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