100 goals to complete by 30th birthday

Several years ago I decided to start a 101 things to do in 1001 days. Unfortunately, I never really kept up with it (I mean, does anyone?) but I'm bringing it back, you guys. While I love setting goals, I fail miserably at keeping up with them. I forget, I get sidetracked... there is a long list of excuses but I still like setting goals nonetheless. So I'm bringing back my 101 list and shortening it to 100 goals that I want to complete by my 30th birthday -- which is in 675 days from today! As I grow, I might make some changes to it -- add some, delete some. But I hope you join me on this journey! If you've got one of these lists, I'd love to see it! Comment below :)

StartsMonday, July 06, 2015
Ends: Thursday, May 11, 2017

  1. Get pregnant and have a baby // We had twins! [Feb. 2013]
  2. Identify 101 things that make me happy and blog about it.
  3. Lose 30 lbs.
  4. Bike 500 miles on a stationary bike in 2015.
  5. Bike 1000 miles on a stationary bike in 2016.
  6. Host a workshop for wedding photographers.
  7. Read at least one book a month and keep a list of them.
  8. Go camping.
  9. Spend a romantic weekend with my husband somewhere nearby.
  10. Go on a mission trip somewhere outside of the U.S.
  11. Buy a MacBook.
  12. Blog 1-2 times a week for my personal/photography blog.
  13. Enter a photo contest. Entered the Rangefinder Wedding Photography Contest.
  14. Vacation somewhere that requires a passport.
  15. Grow a garden // Planted a rose garden! [Fall 2014]
  16. Inspire someone to create a similar list.
  17. Learn to cook 5 new meals in 2015.
  18. Organize my computer and external hard drive files
  19. Purchase a Film Camera // Done! [Fall 2013]
  20. Do an entire shoot in Film.
  21. Bake macaroons     
  22. Make a list of the top 5 people who have positively influenced me and write them letters.
  23. Get to my goal weight.
  24. Throw a costume party.
  25. Throw a fancy dinner party.
  26. Try 10 new restaurants.
  27. Vacation in Mexico.
  28. Read a book in one weekend.
  29. Get a tattoo.
  30. Visit Europe.
  31. Run in a half marathon.
  32. Visit Washington D.C.
  33. Visit New York.
  34. Vacation on the East Coast.
  35. Do 2 styled wedding shoots in 2015.
  36. Do 5 styled wedding shoots in 2016.
  37. Get published on 3 new blogs.
  38. Get published on Style Me Pretty.
  39. Go to a concert, play, or musical.
  40. Go on a road trip with the husband and kids.
  41. Do some volunteer work.
  42. No fast food for a month.
  43. Go on a cruise.
  44. Read 10 books from my bookshelf that I haven't read yet.
  45. Travel to a new state.

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